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"Words are a pretext. It is the inner bond that draws one person to another, not words." -Rumi

Why do I even blog if I can…

TALK TO PEOPLE! Today, “real” communication has been taken over technology. Awfully, we cannot stop sharing what we do. We go to a restaurant and we instagram, we must let people know where we are, what we do, with whom we do.  We must even have a proof of what we are doing; taking pictures of food, places, and people. It is now everywhere and part of our lives. The whole world must know! Now, there is blogging where people tell all of their stories to people that they don’t even know. Expecting they will change someone’s life? I am not sure.

The technology has taken over our lives that we came to point where we cannot breathe without our iphones, ipads, laptops etc. I am tired of seeing people “looking down” all the time. As walking into a restaurant, I would expect people looking at each other, chatting, laughing and enjoying their meal. But that has changed! Now as I walk into a restaurant I see people “looking down” and so busy “collecting things” and not moments. They are framing moments where they think they have captured happiness. Restaurants are not filled with laughters or conversation noises. The voices of the people does not create harmony anymore. I have seen couples sitting across each other, but just staring at their phones. What in the world happened to romantic moments as lovers gazing into each others eyes? Blushing with love? As I capture these odd moments, I come to a point thinking that how did we end up like this? Is it Mark Zuckerber’s fault? Or is it Steve Jobs fault? How can an innovation be so outrageous?

As I am writing this, I am not even sure someone will read it. People became so lazy to read. We read the first to lines and stop there. We cannot even describe an event without putting pictures. Where did words go? I am talking about real words. Not words with hashtags. Speaking of hashtags, people now start protests with hashtags thinking their hashtags will save the world. Recent sad incedent happening in Nigeria, people have started hashtag #giveourgirlsback. How powerful is that? Celebraties holding post cards in photos with hashtags #giveourgirlsback and saying “real men don’t buy girls” when we know they buy/rent women. We know celebs go to strip clubs and pay women to entertain them. How realistic is that? Unbelievable! Anyhow, going back to how technology took over our lives, sadly we have become so dumb. We are creating a dumb generation, killing our kids with technology. Introducing and teaching them not to communicate with real life. Teaching them the only way to communicate is looking into a small screen and posting  pictures and tagging our locations on Facebook. Teaching our children to play games on ipad, but not exploring and discovering with hands. I grew up in streets playing with friends, riding bicycle, playing with sand and getting my clothes dirty. I played with my hands exploring the earth. Looked into my friends eyes, talking and laughing. We played scotch-hop, jump rope, and dodgeball. Streets were full of kids running around, playing catch with all noise. Now? Streets are empty and there is silence. Children are locked in houses and plugged into playstations, computers, ipads. Children are losing the sense of touch. Touching; the world, the people.

Yes, here I ask myself why do I even blog if I can talk to people.

2 comments on “Why do I even blog if I can…

  1. Daisy Prado
    May 13, 2014

    I think it is healthy to do both. :) We have to adapt to the world of technology but we also must remember to appreciate a world beyond the computer screen.
    Happy Travels,

    • Seda B
      May 13, 2014

      Hello Daisy! Thank you for your comment and your time. It is also a good point a view :)

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